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Mechanical & Biological Filter Mesh

Matalal Matts - Filter MeshMechanical filtration is an important element in the maintenance of any water feature. The job of this filter is to trap the finer solids that are passed from the Biological filter. Mechanical filtration physically removes these solids from the water by trapping solids in the crevices of the filter mesh.

We prefer to supply any of 4 different types of the Matala Matts, which we find are superior. See our competitive prices.

We not only install mechanical filtration systems to compliment your biological filtration... but can also supply you with a variety of mechanical mesh types. ZX-100 Wool filter mesh is also available, for use in catridge systems.


Matala Matts - 4 types

Matala Matts come in both Mechanical and Biological types, with the Green Sheets performing both functions. Full sheet size = 1200mm x 1000mm. See our prices for more details.

Matala Mats - Blue
Blue Sheets are full Biological filter mesh

Matala Mats - Green
Green Sheets are Mechanical & Biological filter mesh

Matala Mats - Grey
Grey Sheets are full Biological filter mesh

Matala Mats - Black
Black Sheets are full Mechanical filter mesh